CINEMA CZECH aims to bring you new inspiring technology, movie news and successful projects of your fellow film makers to help you once again raise the level of your cinemas and attract a greater number of viewers. We all have a common goal – to build a quality and pleasant environment for moviegoers, which will be reflected in the attendance and overall viewer satisfaction in your cinema.

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This year's Cinema Czech will take place in a hybrid format. You can choose which option you choose. Will you arrive in person or connect remotely? Due to the fact that the number of places for personal participation in conferences is still limited due to a government regulation, reserve your place for possible personal participation now. In case of changes we will increase the places. There is no limit to the number of places to participate online. APK and UDK members participate in the conference free of charge. If you are not a member of UDK or APK, the conference fee per person is CZK 2,999 including VAT.

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